Buy a Plant Lover a Gift – March 2019 – New in Store

With spring just around the corner, what better thing to think of than gardening, plants, new outdoor adventures and getting planning and organizing for these!

Today I have a lovely collection, that’s all about gardening and the love of plants, to share with you. They are new in store this month and can most certainly help you plan future gardening activities while also living an authentic gardener’s life.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in and discover these beauties.

This post contains affiliate links. If you end up making a purchase after clicking one of these links, I will earn a small commission for bringing my store a sale

Rustic Botanical Tote Bags

Rustic Botanical Tote Bags – $11.15

Minimalist elegance and hand-drawn rustic charm is what these are about.

They are based on a 100 creative project I started this month that consists in illustrating 100 potted plants in black and white and then exploiting them further with color to turn them into other art.

These make wonderful affordable gifts for plant lovers appreciative of minimalism and rustic design.

Planning & Organizing for Gardeners & Plant Lovers

Botanical Stationery – Prices range from $2.11 to $17.85

Many areas of life can benefit from planning and organizing if we are going to experience them with some level of success and personal enjoyment. Gardening is no different.

With this in mind and motivated by my interest in functional stationery design, this month I decided to add stationery to my store as they make lovely gifts and they are a wonderful addition to the store.

My favorite at the moment is this pretty vintage floral stationery set that I designed in Adobe Illustrator earlier this year. The set includes an elegant floral to-do list post-it note and the matching gardener’s journal. All text elements on these two can be customized to suit your needs better.

Shopaholic Gardener’s Journal

This is a square notebook dedicated to plant lovers and gardeners who are addicted to buying new plants. The garden centre is their favorite spot and they would take a trip there everyday if they could.


These black and white rustic and elegant hand-drawn botanical to-do lists come with a line at the bottom where you can simply add a meaningful phrase of your choice. That’s the beauty of Zazzle. It lets you customize gifts to suit your tastes and needs.


Botanical Hand-Drawn Laptop, Craft & Bujo Stickers

To end the stationery section, this month saw the arrival of a batch of botanical stickers in the store. Once again, they are all based on my black and white illustrations done as part of the 100 project.

These make great stickers for craft projects and bujo journaling. Alternatively, they can also be used to decorate laptops.


Plant Love Quotes

Plant Love Quotes

The final category that made it to the store this month is the plant love quote. Nothing beats a good quote sometimes to spread the love of plants around!


I hope you enjoyed these new arrivals and reading this post. That’s it for this month. Don’t hesitate to let me know your thoughts on these in the comment section!

Until next month!

Alex. xoxo